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About Us

CHICKENPICKIN' is more than just a restaurant;

it's a place of new experiences.

We continuously strive to offer you something beyond a simple meal – an innovative and unique experience.

Located in Grafenwöhr, our restaurant harmoniously blends modern Korean flavors with the traditional ambiance of Bavaria.

Here, you can unwind from the week's stress while enjoying delicious Korean Fried Chicken with friends.

We offer authentic modern Korean Fried Chicken, high-quality beers and beverages, and a variety of performances in a friendly atmosphere.


CHICKENPICKIN' isn't just a place to serve food; it is a place to meet new people and deepen existing friendships.

Set to become the hottest spot in Grafenwöhr,

CHICKENPICKIN' is like a second home where you can relax and create new memories.

Spend special times with us and build new experiences.

Cheer up!

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